ReviewerNet is a tool for searching reviewers by maximizing expertise coverage and minimizing the conflicts.
The main idea is using visual representations of citation and co-authorship, assuming authors of relevant papers are good candidate reviewers.

ReviewerNet default instance runs on a bibliographic database in the field of Computer Graphics extracted from the Semantic Scholar Corpus,
but you can create your own instance with a user-friendly procedure described here.

ReviewerNet can be built over any dataset, according to the domain of interest..

We use technical, statistical and third parties-cookies to collect page-level access information.
We DO NOT use profiling and advertising cookies.
ReviewerNet DO NOT transmit any data about the chosen authors or papers back to any server.
If you choose to use the deafult instance of ReviewerNet, the bibliographic database is fully loaded and queried on your local client.

Click on "Use ReviewerNet" to acknowledge this info and start enjoying ReviewerNet.
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